imageI am an experienced iOS developer currently specialising in networking communications and geo-location search based Apps. I believe that to be a great App developer, you must have a keen eye for design, and an obsession for clean, efficient, and well constructed code. Performance optimisation and code refactoring are my favourite part of programming. Taking a system and making it perform faster, or more consistently, or more efficiently is a great feeling for me. I aspire to get better at each of these things every single day. I strongly believe that it’s better to take time and do a great job, than to rush and to release a mediocre product. I love what I do, making Apps is as much my hobby as it is my career and I will always strive to do better.

I graduated a few years ago with a first class BSc degree in Music & Audio Technology in which I focused heavily on the algorithms and programming behind virtual instruments. I combined this love of programming with my creative side in dreaming up and creating ‘Twinthesis’, a synthesiser powered by the social network Twitter. This project really opened my eyes to the world of unexplored opportunities out there for social media and the internet in general.

My dissertation is the project that really led me to App development, I developed ‘iResponse’ an iPhone App which would let you capture the ‘feel’ of any given acoustic environment. e.g. a local band who practiced in a church and wanted to reproduce the sound they got at rehearsals, but in a studio environment. The idea being you could capture the feel of the church, through a short recording on the iPhone. The App would then generate an impulse response file by applying a series of convolution and Fast Fourier transform algorithms, which the user could then plug into their popular music software of choice (Cubase, Pro-Tools, etc) to recreate the sound of that church in a virtual environment. The app was a great challenge, introducing me to the limitations of a low memory / low powered processor and giving me a taste for the iOS platform. Since that project, i’ve never looked back, the challenges of App development are too fun to resist!