Apple Watch – 5 ‘Yes’ moments after the first weekend

After what seemed like an almost eternal wait, I received my Apple Watch (Black aluminium sport) on Friday and have been using it over the weekend. I’ve been asked for my initial thoughts by a couple of people so I’ve decided to summarise here. In short, this is what a watch should be. It feels like a somewhat inevitable but welcome evolution of the traditional wrist watch. I won’t launch into a full blown review right now, but I’ll highlight a couple of key ‘yes’ moments…

1. Unboxing the Apple watch (in a meeting) and having it on my wrist within 5 minutes, already showing the meeting I was sitting in on my wrist. That was a wow moment.

2. Three minutes after putting the watch on, I walk out of the meeting and DarkSky sends a notification it’s about to rain, which goes straight to my wrist. Yes, I get it, this is awesome!

3. Receiving a call while at home with my phone in my pocket. The ability to just tap a button on my wrist and answer immediately is fantastic. Admittedly not ‘required’ but a nice touch. The real wow moment was being able to use Handoff to transfer the call seamlessly to my phone. Yes moment.

4. Streaming some music from the iPhone to the Apple TV, and someone else walks into the room. The phone was charging across the room, used the apple watch to turn the volume of the music right down. Instant yes moment!

5. A colleague is travelling this week (San Francisco for WWDC) and I need to be in regular communication. Having the ability to add an additional ‘world clock’ to my watch face… Yep, you got it, instant wow moment.

So there you have it, 5 ‘yes’ moments for the Apple watch. I’m sure that won’t be it, and there have certainly been some ‘no’ moments (Like the time I set a timer on the watch, then another on the phone and the watch timer was discarded immediately and with no notification! Not good Apple!) but I’ll elaborate on these after a couple of weeks.

Author: Sam

iOS Developer & blogger