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As i’ll be graduating from university later on this year, this is just an informal post about some projects I want to pursue once I have a little bit more time in my life. Throughout education in general, i’ve always thrown myself 100% into anything i’m doing. At college, i was running the local radio station, in the orchestra, working as youth worker, and taking charge of all things technical for the dramatic society. At uni, i’ve been the student representative for the last two years, and taken charge of the design festival for my course at the end of the year. So all in all, i’m looking forward to having a bit of time to work on some projects of my own.

Firstly, i’d like to develop ‘Twinthesis‘ further. This is a project i’m starting work on now, as i’m due to perform with it, at a creative music technology concert on the 14th May (More details on request!) I’d like to develop some form of graphics engine, to give the instrument a visualisation as well as a sonification process. Also, i’d like to implement emotion recognition, so the sound of the tweet differs depending on certain key words within the tweet. An iPhone / iPad app is the final vision for the product, maybe with location sensing, for collaborative performances.

Secondly, I would like to get myself up to speed with modern web development techniques. I am experienced in HTML / Flash development, but since college really haven’t had time, or the inclination to learn any of the new methods / languages / or techniques. I’d like to master CSS, and PhP development, as well as HTML 5. I think these would be very beneficial skills to have in the future.

Finally, I’ve started blogging for a new Tech blog. Going by the name of TechRant, it will be launched on May 1st of this year. Blogging and social media is always something i’ve been passionate about. I remember from the first internet connection i had (Dial-up speeds, oh yeah!) I was making my own websites, and sharing content. I think the resources that are available for sharing on the web today are vast, but are only the beginning. I think there’s a whole new wave of services on the horizon (streaming music, cloud based applications, etc). I intend to be blogging about it all, for many years to come. So make sure you check out TechRant on May 1st!

Well, that’s all for now really! Just an update on some of the projects i hope to embark on / complete after I graduate. This is just the beginning, watch this space…

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