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Imagine being able to capture and store the sound of an acoustic space, like a local church, cathedral, or even your favourite recording studio. Now imagine being able to use that stored file, in a convolution reverb plugin to make any audio sound like it was being played in that space. Now imagine being able to capture the sound of that acoustic space right on your iPhone.

Introducing iResponse for the iPhone. The first impulse response iPhone application intended to generate impulse response files for use within reverb plug-ins. This application is able to record and generate impulse responses for any acoustic space. You can use both impulse-source excitation methods (such as a balloon popping, or a starter pistol firing) or you can record a steady-state excitation signal through a loudspeaker. The excitation signals to be played back through the loudspeaker consist of swept-sine tones of varying lengths. The process is simple, point your iPhones built in microphone at the sound source within a given environment, select the length excitation signal you are using, and hit record. Once the recording has stopped automatically, its a ‘one-button’ process to perform the deconvolution processing required to generate the impulse response.

This application was developed as part of my dissertation for a degree in Music and Audio Technology. The project as a whole combined many processes; Outlining and sketching of the initial idea, through to initial UML and workflow diagrams, algorithmic┬ámodelling, through to the final objective-C iPhone implementation. The application requires a little further work before being submitted to the App Store, but this is only user interface elements, and validation methods etc…

For now, i’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have via the contact page. As always, many thanks for reading, and your continued interest in my work.

Author: Sam

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4 thoughts on “iResponse Application”

  1. Yes please! Would love to have this app. So many uses if deconvolved ir can be saved as .wav

    Please do make this software ­čÖé

    1. I’m working on it! Progress has been paused for a long time, but I’m gradually having enough time to begin development on it again, watch this space.

      1. Hi,

        Has this app been developed yet?
        Would be really cool to have and be implemented in a DAW as a reverb.

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