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Puppy Paws for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is due to be released shortly for iOS 7. As the sole iOS developer on this project, developing Puppy Paws allowed me to learn a great deal of new techniques and encompasses technologies like Core Data, Camera & Video capture, Image processing, Data input, Core Location, AVFoundation, Local Notifications, Calendar integration, In-App Purchases, and much more…

“Finding a puppy can be quite a task, add to that all of the preparation that is needed to be ready, and that’s before the real work begins once you and your new puppy are at home together. Puppy Paws allows you to compare puppies you’re interested in, prepare for the home coming day so both you and your new puppy get off to the best start, and helps to educate about the use of puppy farms and traders with an aim to help eradicate this awful practise whilst promoting better dog breeding in general.”

It was a great project to work on alongside friends and colleagues, you can find out more about the App and the team behind it at the Puppy Paws Website.

Author: Sam

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