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Degree Results…

Hello All, Just a very quick post, I am delighted to announce that i have graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st Class BSc (Hons) Degree in Music and Audio Technology. My CV has been updated appropriately, and you can

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Welcome, from FODI 2011…

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve been directed here either by me, or by scanning my QR code at the Festival of Design and Innovation. In either case, Welcome. I’m glad you’d like to know a bit more about

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Synthtopia features Twinthesis

Twinthesis has been featured on Synthtopia, take a look here:

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Press Release from Bournemouth University

UPDATE: Official Bournemouth Uni Website Updated: Further Information: Charles Elder, Press & PR Manager (tel): 01202 961032   email: 17 June 2011   How does your room ‘sound’? New app can help! The creator of the ‘Twinthesiser’ – the

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Twinthesis : Twitter Powered Synthesis

Twinthesis is a MaxMSP patch I designed to explore the ‘sound’ of twitter, in an attempt to sonify the human randomness being generated on the service. This post is a quick overview of the synthesis engine, as well as a

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Klang Ultrasonic Speaker

Klang Ultrasonic Speaker

New speakers are currently being prototyped by Bang & Olufsen, dubbed the ‘Klang’ speakers they offer the ability to listen to music as loud as you want without disturbing anyone else. Sounds interesting, so how do they claim to work?

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C++ VST Vibrato Plugin

VST Vibrato Plugin

The following project was to fully design and implement a vibrato plugin for Cubase using Steinberg’s VST SDK. The plugin is programmed in the C++ language and is provided here for you to download.

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RMS Amplitude Investigation: Professional vs Amateur recordings.

This report is an initial investigation into the differences in RMS amplitude between professional and amateur recordings. It was an investigation I conducted in my second year of studies at Bournemouth University. It had been mentioned to me by many

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What is Sound?

This post will cover the very basic rules of sound. One of the most important things to realise is that if you do not know the basic definition of sound and how it works, you’re career as a sound engineer will be very limited! So without further ado, What exactly is sound?

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