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Pivo featured in Daily Mail

Dos cervezas, por favor! World’s first beer-ordering app translates ‘beer’ into 59 different languages

  • App includes traditional holiday destination languages, but also includes Tagalog from the Phillipines, the Ghanain dialect Twi, Zulu and Yiddish
  • Includes video to ensure users learn the correct pronunciation
  • ‘Beer’ is probably the most useful foreign word to know after ‘hello’, claim the app’s makers

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Synthtopia features Twinthesis

Twinthesis has been featured on Synthtopia, take a look here:

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Twinthesis : Twitter Powered Synthesis

Twinthesis is a MaxMSP patch I designed to explore the ‘sound’ of twitter, in an attempt to sonify the human randomness being generated on the service. This post is a quick overview of the synthesis engine, as well as a quick video outlining the features and concepts behind the patch. You can then download the synthesiser as a Mac application.


The aims of this project, are to create a synthesiser capable of both additive and granular synthesis using live tweets to generate and manipulate the sound. The synthesiser currently calls twitter once every 30 seconds, so a new tweet is used to generate the sound every 30 seconds. The synthesis engine, has an element of performance to it, and can be used to create experimental music. An example of experimental music created by the synthesis engine is here:

Twinthesis by TheHarmonizer

A full scientific paper and report can be downloaded about twinthesis, detailing aspects of how the patch works, and certain constraints of the project in it’s current state. Please note, this synthesiser is still in development and can be considered an experimental BETA version as released below. On a Mac the sound defaults to the ‘core-audio built in output’ at the moment.

Download – Scientific Paper / Report

Download - Twinthesis Application (Mac OS X Only)

As always, I appreciate all your interest in this project and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, either in the comments below or via the contact page. I am also willing to share the MaxMSP patches upon request.

Many Thanks once again for reading!

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MIDI comes to iOS devices

That’s right, it’s exciting news for people like me all over the world. Information has just leaked that apple has implemented the MIDI standard in the next version of its iOS operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch’s. Apple allows you to send data over USB (via the camera connection kit) or over WiFi, which presents some very interesting opportunities (as long as there is no lag!)

It’s brilliant news, and although some say MIDI may be a dying standard I believe it’s seen a new lease of life on lower powered mobile devices such as these. I think it won’t be long before we see some really creative uses of the new API and I personally cannot wait to try developing with it! Below is a video showing how one developer has used the new API!

[via Engadget]

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DSLR Photography Flash Application

This post contains a video demonstrating a flash application I created in the first year of study at Bournemouth University. The brief was for a simple tutorial based application developed in Adobe Flash, to demonstrate key principles of digital SLR photography. My application exceeded the expectations for the assignment, and i received a grade of 98% for this piece of work, please feel free to watch the video below.

The application was developed entirely in Adobe Flash, I created the graphic elements using Adobe Photoshop, and all photographs were taken by me specifically for this project. The application makes use of both standard animation techniques as well as action script code, and object orientated programming. I have been further developing this application and intend to release it for free in the near future.

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