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Puppy Paws for iOS


App-IconPuppy Paws for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is due to be released shortly for iOS 7. As the sole iOS developer on this project, developing Puppy Paws allowed me to learn a great deal of new techniques and encompasses technologies like Core Data, Camera & Video capture, Image processing, Data input, Core Location, AVFoundation, Local Notifications, Calendar integration, In-App Purchases, and much more…

“Finding a puppy can be quite a task, add to that all of the preparation that is needed to be ready, and that’s before the real work begins once you and your new puppy are at home together. Puppy Paws allows you to compare puppies you’re interested in, prepare for the home coming day so both you and your new puppy get off to the best start, and helps to educate about the use of puppy farms and traders with an aim to help eradicate this awful practise whilst promoting better dog breeding in general.”

iPad-Promo-3The App will launch later this month, follow the source link below to be notified when the App goes live. It was a great project to work on alongside friends and colleagues, you can find out more about the App and the team behind it at the Puppy Paws Website.

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Pivo featured in Daily Mail

Dos cervezas, por favor! World’s first beer-ordering app translates ‘beer’ into 59 different languages

  • App includes traditional holiday destination languages, but also includes Tagalog from the Phillipines, the Ghanain dialect Twi, Zulu and Yiddish
  • Includes video to ensure users learn the correct pronunciation
  • ‘Beer’ is probably the most useful foreign word to know after ‘hello’, claim the app’s makers

Read more:

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Pivo for iOS

Are you heading off to travel the world? Visiting a new country? Or have you just booked a holiday? Before you pack your suitcase you need to download this app. Pivo teaches you how to order a beer in 59 different languages; each with the correct spelling, phonetic pronunciations and supporting videos from native speakers to help you along the way.


We landed in Prague and headed straight to the nearest bar. After catching the attention of the barmaid, we realised neither of us knew how to order a beer in Czech! We Googled it, nothing, we asked Jeeves and even he didn’t know! So we thought there must be an app for that but there wasn’t…Pivo was born.

You don’t need WiFi to play the videos that support the 59 different languages, once you have downloaded the app you can view it wherever you are in the world. Choose your language, watch the video and order your beer!

Pivo is available on the App Store Today

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Degree Results…

Hello All,

Just a very quick post, I am delighted to announce that i have graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st Class BSc (Hons) Degree in Music and Audio Technology. My CV has been updated appropriately, and you can find my CV here. Additionally, I was presented with the ‘Student of The Course’ certificate for the three years of study. Additionally, Media interest had picked up on the Twinthesis Project, and it has been featured by The Telegraph, and various local BBC Radio Stations, A feature has also been produced for BBC Radio 4′s Today programme and will be broadcast soon.

As always, i’d like to thank you for visiting my site, and i hope you enjoy some of the interesting and innovative projects you’ll find me working on. I am now actively looking for employment within the audio, software programming, social media, or education sector. So please download my CV here.


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Welcome, from FODI 2011…

[caption id="attachment_214" align="alignright" width="225"] iResponse at FODI 2011, Bournemouth University[/caption]

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve been directed here either by me, or by scanning my QR code at the Festival of Design and Innovation. In either case, Welcome. I’m glad you’d like to know a bit more about me, and the projects i’m working on. Feel free to browse the site, you can find my CV (I’m currently looking for employment!) and examples of my previous work, etc.

The project I’ve been exhibiting at FODI 2011 is the ‘iResponse’ iPhone application, more release information is available here. Once FODI is complete, I will be uploading the promotional materials and examples demoed at the show for you to download and experiment with. Currently the application is still in development, but release is scheduled towards the end of this year (2011.)

Another project I’ve been working on, and has become quite popular in the media recently is ‘Twinthesis’. This is a synthesiser which is powered entirely by data from Twitter in real-time. The synthesiser takes data from the 20 most recent tweets at any different time, and maps each character of a tweet to various tones, hums, and bleeps to create a unique sonification of that tweet. The synthesiser is built within the Max/MSP architecture and is available to download here.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact me, either by email, twitter (@Sammio2) or using the built in form here. This site will be regularly updated with progress on my work and various project ideas that I am starting and hoping to work on after graduation.

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Synthtopia features Twinthesis

Twinthesis has been featured on Synthtopia, take a look here:

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