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Puppy Paws for iOS


App-IconPuppy Paws for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is due to be released shortly for iOS 7. As the sole iOS developer on this project, developing Puppy Paws allowed me to learn a great deal of new techniques and encompasses technologies like Core Data, Camera & Video capture, Image processing, Data input, Core Location, AVFoundation, Local Notifications, Calendar integration, In-App Purchases, and much more…

“Finding a puppy can be quite a task, add to that all of the preparation that is needed to be ready, and that’s before the real work begins once you and your new puppy are at home together. Puppy Paws allows you to compare puppies you’re interested in, prepare for the home coming day so both you and your new puppy get off to the best start, and helps to educate about the use of puppy farms and traders with an aim to help eradicate this awful practise whilst promoting better dog breeding in general.”

iPad-Promo-3The App will launch later this month, follow the source link below to be notified when the App goes live. It was a great project to work on alongside friends and colleagues, you can find out more about the App and the team behind it at the Puppy Paws Website.

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Pivo for iOS

Are you heading off to travel the world? Visiting a new country? Or have you just booked a holiday? Before you pack your suitcase you need to download this app. Pivo teaches you how to order a beer in 59 different languages; each with the correct spelling, phonetic pronunciations and supporting videos from native speakers to help you along the way.


We landed in Prague and headed straight to the nearest bar. After catching the attention of the barmaid, we realised neither of us knew how to order a beer in Czech! We Googled it, nothing, we asked Jeeves and even he didn’t know! So we thought there must be an app for that but there wasn’t…Pivo was born.

You don’t need WiFi to play the videos that support the 59 different languages, once you have downloaded the app you can view it wherever you are in the world. Choose your language, watch the video and order your beer!

Pivo is available on the App Store Today

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Klang Ultrasonic Speaker

Klang Ultrasonic Speaker

These new speakers are currently being prototyped by Bang & Olufsen, dubbed the ‘Klang’ speakers they offer the ability to listen to music as loud as you want without disturbing anyone else. Sounds interesting, so how do they claim to work?

Essentially, they use a 30kHz frequency to beam an ‘audible wave’ to a single point. As we know, humans can only hear within a frequency range from 20Hz – 20kHz. The 30kHz wave produced here is above our audible threshold, hence ‘ultrasonic’. But these speakers work by exploiting the ultrasonic wave and splitting into three parts. This effectively produces an audible wave encapsulated by two inaudible waves. The sound will only be heard when it hits an obstruction (your ear for instance) and the encapsulation is broken.

This technology could potentially change the way we are able to use and interact with sound. For example, a sound wave could be directly transmitted to the ear, without being affected by any room modes. Thus potentially enabling us to hear sound, without it being ‘coloured’ by an acoustic environment. One of the other possibilities of course is a much more vivid stereo listening experience, akin to that of headphones, which in turn would enable binaural recordings to be heard properly through a set of speakers.

An interesting development in the industry, and one to keep an eye on in the future!

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