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Press Release from Bournemouth University

UPDATE: Official Bournemouth Uni Website Updated: Further Information: Charles Elder, Press & PR Manager (tel): 01202 961032   email: 17 June 2011   How does your room ‘sound’? New app can help! The creator of the ‘Twinthesiser’ – the

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Twinthesis : Twitter Powered Synthesis

Twinthesis is a MaxMSP patch I designed to explore the ‘sound’ of twitter, in an attempt to sonify the human randomness being generated on the service. This post is a quick overview of the synthesis engine, as well as a

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Klang Ultrasonic Speaker

Klang Ultrasonic Speaker

New speakers are currently being prototyped by Bang & Olufsen, dubbed the ‘Klang’ speakers they offer the ability to listen to music as loud as you want without disturbing anyone else. Sounds interesting, so how do they claim to work?

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RMS Amplitude Investigation: Professional vs Amateur recordings.

This report is an initial investigation into the differences in RMS amplitude between professional and amateur recordings. It was an investigation I conducted in my second year of studies at Bournemouth University. It had been mentioned to me by many

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