Online Privacy & Security Checklist

Recently, I posted about the important of using a password manager. The feedback I got from that post was overwhelmingly positive, and inspired me to draw together a checklist of things you can do to generally improve your security and privacy online. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and items can be ranked from common sense to borderline paranoia but all will help to improve your online privacy & security.

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You Should Use A Password Manager

Let’s talk about security. I’m sure the majority of you have a bunch of keys that you carry around with you on a daily basis. Maybe one for the house, the car, possibly the office. Maybe a bunch of smaller keys for garages, sheds, gates, padlocks, etc. Now imagine instead of all of those keys, you had only one key. Great, you might think, now I only have to worry about remembering one of them. Now imagine someone stole that key, copied it, and had access to every item that was previously secured by that key. Your house, office, garage, shed, gates, padlocks… Not sounding so great now is it?

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