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Detect 64bit iOS devices at runtime

So, I found myself wanting to identify whether the current device was 64bit or not, so I made a ridiculously simple UIDevice category. It might be useful to someone else, so please… have at it. P.S. You should know,

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What is a Method in Objective-C Anyway?

You can think of this post as the first in a series of ‘The bits that nobody else explains very well’… An explanation ‘cheat-sheet’ article if you will, for anyone who’s starting to dabble in iOS or Mac OS programming

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Cubase Studio 5.5 Tutorial

This is a tutorial forĀ beginnersĀ of Steinberg’s Cubase Studio 5.5, the video below explains the new project assistant window, and also covers how to manually route MIDI through a MIDI track linked to a virtual instrument. This has certain advantages to

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