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Detect 64bit iOS devices at runtime

So, I found myself wanting to identify whether the current device was 64bit or not, so I made a ridiculously simple UIDevice category. It might be useful to someone else, so please… have at it.

P.S. You should know, it’s really not good practice to switch behaviours or code based on the devices architecture!

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What is a Method in Objective-C Anyway?

You can think of this post as the first in a series of ‘The bits that nobody else explains very well’… An explanation ‘cheat-sheet’ article if you will, for anyone who’s starting to dabble in iOS or Mac OS programming and wants to not only ‘know’ how to program, but who wants to ‘understand’ what they’re coding as well. Many tutorials will gloss over these basic explanations, dismissing them as second nature, or failing to understand how fundamentally important it is that their readers understand the concepts behind the code they are being taught.

To some more experienced developers, these explanations might seem too simplistic and in some cases, even ‘wrong’ technically. That doesn’t matter here, what matters is that the fundamental concepts are understood. This article will be part of a series and if there’s a particular item you’d like me to cover just let me know in the comments section, or by heading to the contact form! Now without further ado, lets talk about Methods in Objective-C.


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Cubase Studio 5.5 Tutorial

This is a tutorial forĀ beginnersĀ of Steinberg’s Cubase Studio 5.5, the video below explains the new project assistant window, and also covers how to manually route MIDI through a MIDI track linked to a virtual instrument. This has certain advantages to simply using an ‘instrument’ track. The video is embedded below…

As always, feedback is welcomed either in the comments section below, or via the Contact Me page. This video was produced as part of a university assignment, but I have plans for more advanced video tutorials on iPhone development, and MaxMSP.

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