Vodafone Global WiFi

Vodafone Global WiFi

I developed this Application at BSG Wireless, it is a network based authentication client used to authenticate paying enterprise subscribers with public WiFi locations around the world. Technologies include SQLite databases, JSON client / server communication, Authentication management, WISPr, AES Encryption, Various security policies / implementation, and comprehensive custom networking development work.

“Vodafone offer a worldwide Wi-Fi service, which connects your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to more than 1.1 million commercial Wi-Fi hotspots in over 100 countries. It is so simple to use – A single username and password is provided to each user to register for the service, after that there is no need to re-enter your username and password each time you use the service. Subscribe to this service and you’ll enjoy great cost savings with access across the world at many airports, hotels, convention centres, coffee shops, fast food chains plus many other retail and small business hubs. As this is a global service, you only need to subscribe once and you’ll get total predictability on costs from one month to the next, with nothing additional to pay when connecting to one of our commercial Wi-Fi hotspots.”

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